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The Sims are back in the fourth part again giving you the opportunity to create your dream home and see your virtual avatars thrive. This game is also available for MAC. After years of waiting for the follow-up for the Sims 3, will this last installment succeed in reviving the interest in the series? (Function () {(Review-app-page-desktop ‘);});

Packages with Sims, which have no content

The Sims 4 does not capture the groundbreaking principle of the series. But I still hope to see a number of new features compared to other games in the series. Shocking, of course, this new version, Electronic Arts has made the opposite of what I expected: instead of adding new content, the editor decided to alleviate the game, with a large number;

There is no pool, no children, you can not see the job your Sims list is very long and the conclusion is clear: Electronic Arts seems to have given itself a lot of space to add future DLC features that have been removed from the game. It seems to me that there is an unfortunate approach because the “Complete” game is already being sold in its entirety;

This critique aside, but the game offers countless new activities that your Sims can do in the city or at home. The variety of items that you can buy is already huge and unique, as well as many tours that you can go on. However, this is unfortunate that you now get the loading screen, if your Sims are moving between many and neighborhoods, while the Sims 3 is offered in an open world where the storyline remained constant. The good news is that there is a new community portal that allows you to share your creations online (signs and designs).

Good interface and artificial intelligence

In terms of gameplay and accessibility, the SIMS 4 has significantly improved its predecessors. Despite the presence of a bulky tutorial that can be annoying for those already familiar with the series, everything is redesigned for better control;

ItNew character creators are great: You can very easily create a SIM in your dreams by simply dragging your mouse over the body parts you want to change. When it comes to building or anpassaHem, the articles are now organized in a clear way, according to different types of tobacco;

How Sims behaves is also a topic for a lot of attention. With a much-needed improved system, your characters are now more independent and intelligent, taking care of themselves, automatically performing tasks that meet your needs. It allows you to focus on the essentials and develop your Sims ‘ talents through many games in the game;

Note that the camera control is uncomfortable and impossible. It is impossible to move in three dimensions, and is a big disappointment to the game, which favors the experience of the previous three episodes.

Not technically surprising, but very well optimized

Years after The Sims 3, many were waiting for a true graphical overview of this new edition. Unfortunately, the difference between the Sims 3 and The Sims 4 is not clearly as clear as it should be. Despite also some nice graphic effects that look appealing, the graphics in this new version have already dated the moment it was released. This is very bad, although this disadvantage has an advantage to make the game compatible with less powerful computers.

In order not to take the technical look of this new Sims, the level of face detail has improved clearly. The biggest improvement lies in the large number of animations available, Withsims now be able to pass through various emotions. Therefore, you can experience many fun situations that help to give an excellent impression of life Sims as a whole.

Full of Ideidjust a little too much DLC

The Sims 4 is a successful underwhelming. The developer has probably worked on the interface; The creator of the Sims character and construction mode has precious stones in simplicity and has great potential. With a much-neededImproved system and better automation of your Sims has YouNow more freedom for a better gaming experience. There are tons of additions to this game download and enjoy: meet, get hired!, outdoor Retreat, City Unfortunately the game is spotted by bugs that not only jumped, especially for long time fans of the series. In addition to the undeniable technical drawbacks, the game was deprived of large amounts of content compared to the Sims 3, which shows a mycketDen long series of downloadable content will be paid shortly. This is an unfortunate step from the Electronic Arts site, which may want to see its policies in the years to come if they want to avoid the exclusion of many of their fans.

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