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Theater date: 08 January 2015 (2016) IMDB user rating:!!

Genre: Adventure/Drama/thriller IMDB Link: Video:-format: Audio video interleave B itrate: 927 kbps Codec ID: XviD Resolution: 720 X 304 aspect ratio: 1: quality FPS frame rate: RAM:


ID codec: AC3 Bitrate: 320 kbps channel (s): 6: sample rate KHZ encoder: SaM file size: GiB duration: 3 02h 6 source: DVDSCREENER NOGRP Release Date: 21-12-2015 Language: English subtitles: English examples if necessary: Yes


Lronardo DiCaprio: Hugh glass Tom Hardy: John Fitzgerald of the Plot:-

In the year 1820, pioneer named Hugh Glass was subject to a

The path of revenge against people who left him to die after bear die.


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Salander, shape culture and the title character in this series of books by Stieg Millennium clamataque exit and return to the screen in the Web cobwebs girl and the adaptation of the bestseller modern world. Golden Globe Claire Foy has been said, the crown of the star and so, he who watches over it with a fiery will be a conqueror is to a part to play in the defending counsel, from the Fede Alvarez, director of hanged were very attentive so that the air is in the 2016; Steven Knight and Thomas Basu Fede Alvarez is an adaptation of directors.

National security agents shot, Frans Balderrek hacker Lisbeth Salander steal firewall and contracts, the world access codes to nuclear weapons. First download the NSA activities to meet arretaStockholmeko agent. Russian aboutLisbethlaptopNon strikers to have more problems, and the victim is unable to work mathematics genius firewall. Lisbeth: and the children are partakers of the salvation of codes to have already come to restore shape is unlikely, and that no crimes to them.

A journalist Mikael Blomkvist and computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in The new spies, ziberkriminalak the corruption of the rulers, and to the rulers,.


Fede Alvarez, secretary

David Lagercrantz (according to Larsson’s novel, Rick) (Millenium series included characters) | The new computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist diraespioitza ruins, ziberkriminalen officials and corruption in the web page.

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From the secret research center in 1960, the lonely clerk created a unique relationship with the amphibian creature arrested in the shooting.

Directed by:

Guillermo del Toro Author:

Guillermo del Toro (State), Vanessa Taylor (Environment) By master narrator Guillermo del Toro comes SHAPE WATER, fable set another background around the Cold War period in America around 1962 security secret government lab,where he worked, solitude Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is trapped in the life of isolation. Elisa’s life has changed completely after her colleagues, Zelda (Octavia Spencer), have discovered secret secrets. The actors are Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Michael Steeler and Doug Jones.

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In einer Welt, in der die Leute Pokemon sammeln, um zu kämpfen, finden die Jungen Piccuccio, der intelligent spricht und versucht, ein Detektiv zu sein.


Autor Rob Letterman:

Die Geschichte beginnt, als Detective Harry Goodman heimlich verschwand und seinen 21-jährigen Sohn drängte, um zu sehen, was los war. Die Untersuchung von Hilfe ist ein ehemaliger PartnerPokmon Harry, Detective Pikachu: Super Detective, der sehr weise und charmant ist, was selbst für ihn verwirrend ist. Ich finde, dass sie einzigartig für die Kommunikation sind. Tim und Pikachu schließen sich einer priklyuchenietrapkata an, die komplexe Geheimnisse enthüllt. Erreichen Sie die Hinweise zur Straße mit NeonlichternIn Rimet City, einer großen modernen Metropole, in der Menschen und Pokemons in einer hyperaktiven Welt direkter Handlung zusammenleben, finden sie viele Merkmale von Pokemon und enthüllen Überraschungen, die das friedliche Zusammenleben und die Bedrohung aller Charaktere von Pokmona zerstören können.

Ein junger Mann teilt eine SuchePikachu, um das Geheimnis des Todes seines Vaters zu lösen. Folge den Hinweisen von “Rime City”, diese Duo-Bewegung stieß sofort auf geniale Horizonte, die das Universum von Pokémon bedrohen.

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A desperate scientist tries to use the latest technology to revive the family.

The Crypto-Zoological Agency, a king, faced a battery the size of a divine monster, including Godzilla who was strong that he faced Motar, Rodan and his main enemy, the three-headed king Gidora.

Directed by:

Michael Dougherty Screen Writer:

Michael Doherty (Scenario), Zach Shields (Scenario) The New Story traces the heroic efforts of kryptozoologicznejBadan Monarch, when its members struggle with batteries of powerful monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who faces Mothra, Rodan and his main enemy, three-headed Raja Ghidorah, kogatose is considered superspeciessame these ancient myths arise again, all vying for supremacy, leaving existencehumans in the hair.

The boy who underwent treatment for autoimmune diseases found that the house he lived in was not as comfortable as he thought.

Directed by:

Ciarn Foy Writer:

David Chirhrilllo, Jan Goldberg | The boy who recovered from an autoimmune disorder found that the house he lived in was not as safe as he thought.

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He is a comedian who discusses the relationship between a fourth person and an unemployed person.

Directed by:

Writer Neil Berger:

John Hartmer (Screenplay) based on Toledano (“Les Intouchables”) He is a comedian who discusses the relationship between a fourth person and an unemployed person.

The four presidential councils led journalists and state drivers in an unprecedented battle between the newspaper and the government.

Directed by:

Written by Steven Spielberg:

Liz Hannah, a starof Josh Singer:

Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Sarah Paulson Daniel Elsberg, a US American analyst, acknowledges the war of the American Emperor in the Vietnam War. Law of Copying Pentagonal Papers of High Secrets. Later, the owner of the Washington Post Kai Graham continued to resume her husband’s business while the editor of Ben Bradley met the New York Times. In this contest, your ownthe Elsberg reporter’s office and a full copy of these documents. Post-production publishing plans, however, threaten to rely on dependence. Therefore, Kai Graham must return to his paper security or publish and fight for the freedom of the press. To do this, Graham and his staff have their American democratic ideas balancing them.

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